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FIXED: Missing Nendo data for Jeanne D’Arc from the Fate Series (#650)

As of now, the Nendoroid data for 35 Nendoroids in total have been added after being recognized as missing, including #650, Jeanne D’Arc.Sorry for the inconviences! Currently, there is Nendo data missing for Jeanne D’Arc from the FATE Series, Nendoroid #650. I will announce it here once the data has been imported. Thank you so…
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6. April 2021 0

FIXED: Currently investigating the display errors of some Nendos

Yen price values are now shown normally again. Thank you for your patience! Some nendos have wrong Yen price data and thus do not show the prices and exchange values properly. We are currently checking why this is happening and hope to fix it soon. Thanks for the understanding!

1. April 2021 0