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FIXED: Missing Nendo data for Jeanne D’Arc from the Fate Series (#650)

As of now, the Nendoroid data for 35 Nendoroids in total have been added after being recognized as missing, including #650, Jeanne D’Arc.Sorry for the inconviences! Currently, there is Nendo data missing for Jeanne D’Arc from the FATE Series, Nendoroid #650. I will announce it here once the data has been imported. Thank you so…
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6. April 2021 0

FIXED: Some Japanese entries don’t have any data

As of now, most entries also have Japanese data, so please use NendoGuide in the Japanese version again, if you wish to 🙂 The remaining data of about 70 entries in Japanese will be added soon. Thank you everyone! Some Nendo entries currently don’t have Japanese data. I will check this as soon as possible.…
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5. April 2021 0