Manage your Nendoroids and stay up-to-date

Manage your Nendoroids and stay up-to-date.

(We also have Nendoroid Dolls, Playsets and Accessories).

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Use the Nendoroid overview to find all Nendoroids, Nendoroid Dolls, Accessories and Playsets; and use the search function to find Nendos of specific series, release dates or sculptors.

Check the images, descriptions, …

Every Nendo page contains lots of information about it. Use the heart and box symbol to mark the Nendo liked or owned to build your personal inventory.

Don’t miss any pre-orders

Check the Nendo pre-orders and don’t miss out a single one. This view shows all Nendos with upcoming pre-order deadlines. Make sure to order one in the official store before pre-orders end.

…and all the other information.

Tap on one of the text information to instantly search for it in all Nendo entries.

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Stay up-to-date about the newest Nendos announced or released. This grid is updated daily, so check it out once every day!

We’ve got even more:

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  • Check the most liked and most owned entries from all NendoGuide users.
  • Use the Cloud Save function to save your favorites and owned entries into the cloud.


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