NendoGuide Version 1.1 released

Manage your Nendoroids and stay up-to-date

NendoGuide Version 1.1 released

26. March 2021 Versions 0

As of today, NendoGuide Version 1.1 is available on the Android & iOS Stores – for free!

This is new:


  • Nendo grids have been adapted to screen sizes.
  • On tablets, the Nendo infos are now displayed side by side.
  • Number of views now visible.
  • News have been redesigned.
  • The top three Nendos in the “Most Favorites” and “Most Owned” community views are now color-coded (Gold, Silver, Bronze).


  • The “Most Favorites” and “Most Owned” community views now show more than 30 entries.
  • Translations adjusted.
  • bug fixes