Version 1.2 now available

Manage your Nendoroids and stay up-to-date

Version 1.2 now available

7. April 2021 Versions 0

NendoGuide Version 1.2 is now available – with new features and some bug fixes. Please download the new version via the App Store or Play Store on your device.


  • New view on the home screen: Show all entries to which you have added memos.
  • New view in the menu: Monthly Rankings – check out each month which Nendos were the most popular in the past month!
  • In the navigation menu, the news button now glows yellow when there are unread news.


  • The info boxes in each view have been redesigned to be fully tapable (including the texts).
  • The news view now only shows the dates, not times. Furthermore, texts that are too long are now wrapped.
  • News are now displayed with a slightly larger font.


  • Tapping a value in the info screen now always searches for it.
  • The tutorial in the info screen was not always displayed.
  • In the Pre-Order view, each entry in the upper right corner now shows that it is the release date – not the pre-order date.
  • Translations adjusted.
  • Visual changes
  • Bug fixes